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Current War Movie Cast, Crew and Story

Casting, workforce and historical past of the continued battle: Hi, Everybody lately I’m going to proportion some thrilling information in regards to the film The present battle, distribution, the workforce and the Historical past

War in progress

Historical past of the movie

The movie gifts the historical past of the battle currents between the titans of electrical energy Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse who made up our minds the gadget electrical that may feed the trendy international.

of the movie

The Present War

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch is an actor. Benedict's motion pictures reminiscent of The Grinch, Vengeance Infinity Struggle, Female friend in a Coma, Tinker Tailor Secret agent Soldier, 4 Lions, The Different Boleyn Lady, Superb Grace, To kill a king and the prevailing battle.

Michael Shannon

Michael Shannon is an actor. Michael's motion pictures reminiscent of The Form of Water, Night time Animals, Salt and Hearth, Loving, Deficient Boy, Wolves, Middle of the night Particular, Unknown Entire, The Night time Ahead of, They got here in combination, Younger, The Harvest, Metal Guy and the Provide Struggle

Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult is an actor. Nicholas's motion pictures reminiscent of Sand Fort, Novelty, Rebellion within the Rye, Collide, Forgiveness, X Males Apocalypse, Kill Your Pals, Equivalent, Darkish Puts, Younger, Heat Corpses, Rule Quantity 3, Descend the Mountain and the Present Struggle .

Katherine Waterston

Katherine Waterston is an actress. Katherine's motion pictures reminiscent of State Like Sleep, Logan Fortunate, Incredible Beasts and The place to To find Them, Romance New york, Steve Jobs, Queen of the Earth, Drowsing with Different Folks, Glass Chin, Night time Strikes, The Manufacturing facility, The letter, Input nowhere, Taking Woodstock and the prevailing battle.

Staff of the movie

Current War

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon (Director of the movie)

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon is a director. Alfonso's motion pictures reminiscent of Me and Earl and The Death Lady, The Town That Dreaded the Sundown, Argo, The Eagle, Consume Pray Love, State of Play, Babel, Numbers fortunate, Grace of my center and the prevailing battle.

Timur Bekmambetov (The manufacturer of the movie)

Timur Bekmambetov is a manufacturer. Timur's motion pictures reminiscent of I'm Dragon, The Age of the Pioneers, Unfriended, Henry Hardcore, Squirrels, Alisa Is aware of What to do, The Frozen, The Darkest Hour, Fortunate Bother, Yolki, Black Lightning, The Irony of Destiny 2 and The Present Struggle

Michael Mitnick (The writer of the movie)

Michael Mitnick is a creator. Michael's motion pictures reminiscent of The Giver and The Present Struggle.

Chung Chung-hoon (Director of Movie Images)

Chung Chung-hoon is leader operator. Chung's motion pictures reminiscent of The Handmaiden, Me and Earl and the Death Lady, Stoker, Thirst, Oldboy, Disc, Girl Vengeance and the Provide Struggle.

Hauschka (the musical director of the movie)

Hauschka is a musical director. Hauschka motion pictures reminiscent of Bliss, Wild Horses, Futuro Seaside, The Boy, Lion, Exodus, Mumbai Lodge, Ash within the Snow, Gunpowder and the prevailing battle.

Trailer of the movie

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